Using Exit Slips in the Classroom

Exit slips are reflections that students write after a lesson or activity.

Exit slips are useful for several reasons. First, they allow students to reflect on new learning or understanding. Second, they are a useful formative assessment tool for teachers. By taking a few minutes to check students’ exit slips, teachers can gain valuable insight into whether a students understands the concept or is able to complete the task.

Useful Tips for Using Exit Slips

  • Give students a choice with the prompt that you want them to use. For example, you might have students decide between, “Something I am still wondering about,” “Something that I found interesting,” or “Something that surprised me.” This way students have a sense of power and control, which will help motivation.
  • Model the responses that you are looking for. For example, you might show students a few examples of exit slips and ask them which one they think is better. Model the use of describing words and specific detail.
  • Use exit slips as an assessment tool that will drive your future instruction. For example, if you notice that several students were confused with the same concept, this is a sign that you need to re-teach.

Easy Exit Slips

Sticky notes are one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to use exit slips. Ask students to write their reflection on the sticky note and stick it to the board when finished.

Looking for something a bit more structured? I’ve posted a FREE package of very simple exit slips on TeachersPayTeachers. Find those HERE.


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