A-Z Autobiography: Free Activity and Instructions

A-Z Autobiographies are a simple, fun activity for any time throughout the year. To complete the autobiography, students write something about themselves for each letter of the alphabet. The result is a point form autobiography!




To make this activity more challenging, encourage students to use descriptive words and detail in their writing. Show some examples before beginning to illustrate this. For example, which sounds better:

“Camping is my favorite.”


“Camping is an activity that I love to do with my family.”

Also, encourage students experiment with sentence structure. Here are two ways to say, “I like baseball.” Which sounds better? Why?

“Baseball is fun.”


“Baseball is a sport that I love to play.”

Lastly, students can work with manipulating their sentences to fit the letters that are left. For example, suppose that a student wants to say, “I live in Manitoba,” but the “I” is already taken. How about rearranging that sentence to say, “Manitoba is where I live,” to use for the letter M?

Download this activity for free from Teachers Pay Teachers HERE or directly from my website HERE. Enjoy!


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