FREE Early Finisher Activities to Keep Your Students Engaged

Fast finishers are one of the most challenging aspects of classroom management. In a typical classroom of 20-30 students, how do you deal with those students who finish way ahead of the rest? How do you ensure that the early finishers are not simply doing busy work and are engaged in a task that is relevant and fun? How do you ensure that those fast finishers do not become a classroom management issue that distracts your other students?

When I was in the classroom full-time this was always an issue for me. I got tired of telling students to take out a book and read when they were finished their work. Of course, there is enormous value in reading, but it’s nice to be able to offer some variety for the students who finish quickly. I tried putting out folders of activities for the early finishers, but it proved to be hard to keep up with, and hard to keep finding relevant activities that really interested my students.

This is how the Early Finisher Board was born.

The Early Finisher Board is a choice board that includes a variety of relevant, interesting activities for your students who finish their work early. You can set it up on a tri-fold board, a bulletin board, or even an empty piece of wall space or the side of a cabinet. Some teachers even use folders to put the activities in.

 This keeps your fast finisher students quietly engaged while the others take the time they need to finish their work. Additionally, it motivates the other students to finish their work more quickly than usual, because they want to do an activity from The Early Finisher Board too.
fast finishers choice board

How exactly does The Early Finisher Board work? 

There are seven sections: Read It, Write It, Solve It, Draw It, Make It, Do It, and Journal It. Each section contains a fun, curriculum-related activity to engage your fast finishers. The tasks are switched out every two weeks so that your students always have new tasks to choose from!


The most important aspect of The Early Finisher Board is that students get to choose which activities they do. Some of your students will always choose from the Make It, Do It, or Draw It sections. And that’s okay! Other students will want to try all the activities.


Students use an Early Finisher notebook to store all of their tasks. It is important to note that you do not need to mark all of these tasks! That would mean an increased work load for you, with very little benefit for the students – definitely NOT the objective of The Early Finisher Board! The tasks are meant solely as extra pracice – NOT assessment.

Would you like 2 weeks of FREE fast finisher activities?

If you’d like to get started with the Early Finisher Board completely FREE to see if it’s right for your classroom, there’s a way to do that! Just sign up here and I’ll send you:
  • the Getting Started Guide with ALL the labels you need to create your very own Early Finisher Board
  • 2-weeks of activities so you can test it out in your classroom before deciding if you’d like the full 40-week package!
Or alternatively, here’s a 30-minute free training to walk you through how the early finisher board works, along with tons of ideas and inspiration for your very own board!


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