Teaching Basic Multiplication | A Round Up of Ideas, Tips, and Resources

Teaching basic multiplication is a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! I would love to help you ensure success for every student in your classroom this year. My website is full of ideas, resources, and strategies for teaching multiplication, but I wanted to provide you with a way to easily find all things multiplication in one, easy-to-navigate place. Below I have included links to helpful blog posts, resources, and Pinterest boards for all things multiplication. Enjoy!



I love Pinterest as a visual way to easily organize ideas. On my Multiplication and Division Pinterest board, you’ll find a wealth of ideas from a variety of sources around the web! Be sure to follow my boards, as I am constantly pinning fresh new teaching ideas!



Over the years I’ve written a lot of different blog posts about multiplication tips and strategies. Click on any one below to visit!

Effective Strategies for Teaching the Basic Multiplication Facts

Free Guide: A Suggested Order for Teaching the Basic Multiplication Facts

8 Ways to Use Multiplication Flashcards in your Classroom (with Free Printables)

5 Reasons That Your Students Aren’t Mastering the Basic Multiplication Facts (and what you can do about it)

Free Poster for the 9’s Multiplication Trick

How to Teach the 12’s Multiplication Facts

How to Teach the 11’s Multiplication Facts

How to Teach the 10’s Multiplication Facts

How to Teach the 9’s Multiplication Facts

How to Teach the 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s Multiplication Facts

How to Teach the 5’s Multiplication Facts

How to Teach the 4’s Multiplication Facts

How To Teach the 3’s Multiplication Facts



I love helping teachers teach multiplication! An effective approach can be such a game-changer for your classroom!

The Multiplication Station

Of any of my multiplication resources, The Multiplication Station has touched the most students – tens of thousands of students around the world. It utilizes all of the most effective ways to teach multiplication, and incorporates those into one, self-contained station that students work on independently, at their own pace. I won’t spend too much time talking about all of the benefits that you will see when you start using this resource, but I encourage you to read through the comments from the thousands of teachers who have used this resource HERE.

the multiplication station - self-paced, student-centered program for basic multiplication facts

Other Multiplication Resources

See my entire selection of multiplication teaching resources here

Multiplication Equation of the Day: Basic Multiplication Facts Booklet

Task Cards for Basic Multiplication: The Big Bundle

Fact Family Array Task Cards: Multiplication and Division with Arrays

Multiplication Arrays Task Cards

Basic Multiplication Problem Solving Task Cards

Multiplication or Division? Problem Solving Task Cards

Multiplication Facts and Strategies Mini-Book

Get Up and Move: Basic Multiplication Gallery Walk

Get Up and Move: Introductory Multiplication Gallery Walk

Multiplication Strategy Posters for 0-12 Times Tables

Basic Multiplication Facts Flashcards: Flashcards for Basic Multiplication Facts

Springtime Multiplication Math Stations (also great for home math bags)

The Math Choice Board (includes a variety of math topics and tasks)

FREE: Quick Tasks for Multiplication Flash Cards

FREE: The 9’s Trick for Multiplication Poster

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