Free Poster for the 9 Times Table

There are SO many tricks out there for the 9 times table. Multiplication should be strategic, but it should also be fun.

Let’s start with strategic.

The strategic way to teach the 9’s facts is to think of the related 10’s fact and then subtract one group. I’ve written an entire blog post about this very important strategy HERE. If you are unfamiliar with this strategy, please start by reading more about it. The important thing about a strategic understanding is that it helps students understand what multiplication really means. This strategy can be applied to ANY multiplication fact where one of the factors is a 9.

NOW…there is another 9’s trick that I really like showing to students because it is FUN!

HOWEVER! Please do not teach this trick unless students have an excellent conceptual understanding of multiplication first.

Why not?

Because this trick is limited only to 9×1 to 9×10.

Here’s a free poster that outlines this trick. I’ve also included an activity sheet that can be used as a quick practice of this strategy. Download this poster from my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE.


Would you like to read more about a variety of different strategies and tricks for the 9’s facts? Find that HERE.

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  • OMG! This works! I have used a color coded division mat for years, but this year it didn’t work as effectively. I taught my students this strategy and they GOT IT! Definitely going to use this from now on.


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