How to Teach the 12’s Multiplication Facts

The 12’s multiplication facts are the last set that I teach. This is because I want students to have strategies for all of the other facts first. By the time we reach the 12’s, they really only have one fact left to learn: 12×12.

Even though students have already learned strategies for all of the different facts, I still want them to practice a strategy for the 12’s facts. This strategy is one of my favorites, and can be used in so many different circumstances than just the 12’s multiplication facts.

For the 12’s facts, we want to teach our students how to break up numbers and multiply them in groups. In this case, we divide the 12 into a 10 and a 2.

For example, for the equation 12×3, we could divide that 12 into a 10 and a 2, and multiply each part by 3. So 10×3=30, and 2×3=6. Now we can add the 30 and the 6 together to make 36.

For the equation 12×5, we could divide that 12 into a 10 and a 2, and multiply each part by 5. So 10×5=50, and 2×5=10. Now we can add the 50 and the 10 together to make 60.

It’s also very important to reinforce the commutative property.

This means that the order of factors does not change the product. For example, if students are faced with an equation like 6×12, they should see the 12 as one of the factors, and know that they can use the 12’s strategy to solve this equation.


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