Free Guide: A Suggested Order of Teaching for the Basic Multiplication Facts

Multiplication facts can be intimidating for both students and teacher. Luckily, there are strategies that we can use to help us teach the multiplication facts more effectively so that every student can be successful.

The main mindset shift that we must make is that we are not simply teaching students to memorize the facts, but rather we are teaching students how to think about multiplication. We must take a strategic approach to our teaching that emphasizes conceptual understanding first. Fact fluency will be a bi-product of excellent understanding.

One thing that we can do is teach strategies that make multiplication easier to understand.  Although quick recall is a goal, we want our students to have effective, efficient strategies that will enable them to use what they know for many other multiplication situations. Read more about effective strategies for multiplication HERE.

We can also teach the facts in a strategic order. When I first started teaching multiplication, I taught the facts in regular numerical order – the 1’s, then the 2’s, then the 3’s, etc. This is a mistake!

Instead, we want to teach the easiest facts first, and leave the hard ones til last. Why? Simple! Because when we teach like this, we give students a strong foundation early on, enabling them to derive facts easily. This way of teaching also results in high motivation, as students can see their progress and how rapidly they are learning their facts.

This free guide will explain a suggested order of teaching the basic multiplication facts. This will result in maximum confidence, motivation, and success. Just click on the image below  to begin  downloading.



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