Quick and Easy Reading Response Foldable Activity

This is one of my favorite foldables. It is easy to make and definitely my “go-to” foldable when I need a quick, hands-on activity in my classroom.

First, you will need three pieces of paper for each student. You can use all one color, but I prefer to use three different colors. Copy paper works best, but construction paper will also do the job.



Next, line up the papers so that they overlap, with a small “tab” left for each color.



Then fold the paper over so that you get six tabs in all, and staple the top to make it into a book.



Now it is time to label the cover and the tabs. This foldable is being used for representing the number 100, so the front cover is labeled “Representing 100” and each tab is labeled with a different way that the number will be represented. Representations in words, base 10 blocks, money, equations and pictures are included in this specific foldable. Story problems are also a good one to add.


Now students can write/draw on each page. For example, on the equation page students should write as many equations as they can that equal 100.



This foldable is great for consolidating learning at the end of a unit, and also as a form of summative assessment. They look great in student portfolios and also can make a nice bulletin board display.


Looking for some pre-made foldable templates to make your students work even more organized? Here is a bundle of Reading Response activities that is sure to engage your students! See those HERE.




  • I have seen this before, but never thought to use it for math! Great idea!

  • Hi, Shelly. Yes, I've used this idea a while ago, but forgot how great it is. I'll bring it back – and use it for math, not just for writing work! Thanks! Renee

  • I've used the foldable idea for sequencing. We did it with the life cycle of a pumpkin and butterfly.


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