The Math Choice Board

Are you looking for a student-managed way to spiral your math curriculum and ensure that review happens all year long?

Would you like to implement an engaging, curriculum-related choice board as a math station in your classroom?

Do you need a way to motivate your students when they first arrive in the classroom, at the beginning of class, or when they finish their work early?

I am so excited to introduce you to the Math Choice Board!

Several years ago, I created The Early Finisher Board – a solution for the fast finishers in your classroom. Over the years, thousands of people have successfully used that resource to motivate and engage their students. However, I have literally received hundreds of requests for something similar that focuses on Math only.

This is where The Math Choice Board comes in! The Math Choice Board is similar to The Early Finisher Board in that it allows students to choose which activities they do, and when they do them. This board consists of seven sections: Facts, Numbers, Dice & Cards, Patterns & Data, Measurement & Geometry, and two Bonus Tasks.

Each section contains an engaging, curriculum-related activity to engage your students. The tasks are switched out regularly so that your students always have new tasks to choose from!

The Math Choice Board is designed to promote:

  • a method of spiraling the curriculum so that students receive continuous review of previously learned skills
  • organization and independence
  • freedom to choose based on personal preferences
  • differentiation based on interests
  • success for a wide variety of ability levels within your diverse classroom
  • student engagement
  • pride and excitement


Ways to Use Your Math Choice Board

There are many ways to use the Math Choice Board within your classroom. You might choose to use it as:

  • a Math Station or center. When students are at the Choice Board center, allow them to pick whichever activities they want  from the board. This will create a sense of power and control for your students.
  • a Math Warm-Up before math class begins
  • a way of engaging your early finishers. Have your students choose tasks from the Math Choice Board when they finish their work, rather than simply reading or working on homework
  • morning work upon arriving at school. When your students arrive in the classroom in the morning, have them work on the Math Choice Board. This will enhance predictability, routine, and organization first thing in the morning.


Set-Up Options for your Math Choice Board

If you have previously used or seen The Early Finisher Board, you might be familiar with some effective layouts for this choice board. Here are a few way that teachers have set up their own boards:







Mixing and Matching with The Early Finisher Board

The Math Choice Board has been designed so that it can be mixed and matched with The Early Finisher Board. All of the activities will fit into either board. You may choose to include math activities from your Early Finisher Board on the Math Choice Board. Alternatively, choose activities from the Math Choice Board to include on your Early Finisher Board.

You might even create a board that has more than 7 pockets, based on the needs of your classroom! For example, you could use all of the pockets from the Early Finisher Board, and all of the pockets from the Math Choice Board to create an even larger Early Finisher Board in your classroom! The options are endless!




  • Would you like to get a free sample of The Math Choice Board to see if it will work in your classroom? Get it here.




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