Free Number Talks Training to Help You Take Math Class to the Next Level

number talks free training


If there is one routine that has the potential to transform the way that number sense is built in your classroom, it is number talks. I absolutely LOVE number talks and how they increase students’ math confidence and help them build flexibility and strategic thinking. Also – they’re just plain FUN!

In this 30-minute free number talks training, I’ll walk you through:

– how to conduct a traditional number talk

– why you need to make this an essential part of your math routine

– 8 of my favorite ways to talk about numbers (add these simple ideas to your math routine to build students’ number sense like never before)

– number talk resources for your classroom


Register for free here and you’ll get immediate access to the training!


Don’t have time to watch the training today? No problem! Read the quick start guide here.

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