Free Halloween Number Talks to Build Number Sense This October

Regardless of whether or not you currently have a number talks routine in place in your classroom, your students are sure to love these free Halloween themed number talk activities. Number Talks are a fantastic way to help your students build number sense in an engaging way.

First of all, here are 5 great reasons to implement a number talk routine in your classroom as soon as possible:

  1. Number talks teach students that math is flexible.
  2. Students are introduced to new strategies and new ways of thinking.
  3. Math confidence soars!
  4. Conceptual understanding is built.
  5. Number talks level the playing field between students. We are all equals!

Read more about these important benefits of number talks here.


Free Halloween Number Talks

If you are already using the full year Math Conversations number talk slides, you’ll recognize the familiar layout of these Halloween-themed slides. Students will be encouraged to think deeply about a variety of math concepts. They will share their thinking with the class, and reflect on other students’ thinking.


free number talks for Halloween


I’ve included ten different Halloween number talks in all. Choose the ones that best fit your goals for your students! Additionally, some come in differentiated versions so you can choose the version that best suits your classroom.

October Number Talks


Get your set of free Halloween Number Talks here.



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