Looking for the Perfect Christmas Center Activity? Try These Christmas Math Logic Puzzles!

Logic puzzles are an amazing way to challenge your students to think about basic operations in a different way. So often we give students worksheet after worksheet where they must simply solve problems to find answers. But these Christmas-themed logic puzzles will challenge them to think in a new way. You can expect to hear amazing math chatter in your classroom as students reason, strategize, and think critically to find the value of each symbol.



How To Complete These Christmas Logic Problem Puzzles

To complete the puzzle, students will quickly catch on that they must begin with symbols that they KNOW for certain. For example, in the puzzle below, we begin with solving for the Santas, since we know that 5×5=25. Now that we know the Santa equals 5, we can solve the second row. The tree equals 15, since 15+5=20. Lastly, we can solve the bottom row. Since we know the tree equals 15, we can conclude that the two lights together must be 60, so each light bulb equals 30.



Don’t Be Fooled – These Logic Puzzles are Tricky!

When deciding which puzzles to use with your students, remember that if your students are not used to doing these types of puzzles, they will very likely find them challenging. Your grade 3-4 students might be sufficiently challenged with the numbers to 20 puzzles, even though they work with numbers in the thousands in other math activities. I recommend making several levels of puzzles available to your students and allowing them to choose the ones that challenge their brains “just enough.” I typically find that students are eager to work to their full potential and will generally choose the ones that are best suited to their abilities.




Free Christmas Logic Problem Puzzles

To get you started with these puzzles in your classroom, I’d first like to give you a free sample so that you can take them to your classroom and see how students respond before committing to purchasing an entire package or the full multi-grade bundle. In the free sample, you’ll receive one puzzle from each package that is available. Download your free sample below! 


Full Packages and Bundle

Each package of Christmas Logic Problems comes with 20 puzzles. Simply laminate and cut to ensure they last for years to come. Make copies of the recording sheets and you’ve got one of your Christmas math centers completely taken care of! 

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