Best Math Apps and Websites for Elementary Classrooms


With greater access to technology than ever before, math apps and websites are widely used in today’s classrooms. I wanted to provide you with a comprehensive list of some of the best ones out there, so I sought advice from our teacher community! Several hundred teachers got back to me with some of their favorite apps and websites, and no surprise – some of the same ones kept appearing over and over again.



Below is a HUGE list of some of the best Math apps and websites out there. Because I know how valuable other teachers’ feedback is, I’ve included some comments from the teachers who use them.

Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these companies – all of these recommendations are coming directly from our teacher community.


This app was mentioned by more teachers than any other one. Here are what a few people had to say about it:

  • Ashley says: “It’s a free site that also has an app available. The students enjoy answering questions in order to battle characters. It also allows the teacher to assign so many questions on a topic so when the students are logged in, they’re given those assigned questions first before other questions.”
  • Julia says: “I LOVE Prodigy Math! I love Prodigy for my first graders because it levels students first then they answer math questions to get points that they use in a game!”
  • Megan says: “”I love using Prodigy math. You can set up a free account for each student and they love playing the game. It also provides a lot of feedback to the teachers!”
  • Tara says: “My 5th grade students and I absolutely LOVE Prodigy.  It has an amazingly engaging platform where they can battle each other to earn coins to buy fun things within the game.  The battles are made up of math problems geared to the level they are working at.  The entire thing is free, with an option to buy a membership.  Some of my students are so motivated to be at the top of our class list that they play it at home, too!”


Front Row

This is another app that many teachers are having great success with! Here are what a few teachers had to say:

  • Tiffany says: “It gives the students a chance to do adaptive math practice as well as targeted assignments.  I use the free teacher version.  It even sends me an e-mail every weekend to let me know how my students are doing.”
  • Natalya says: “[It’s an] adaptive program, meets students where they are.”
  • Darlene says: “It allows you to tailor assignment to students , also reports data.”
  • Jessica says: “The kids love the format; they earn points or coins to dress up an animal of their choice.  It directly correlates with the state standards, to the point where I can find an exact activity to match the math lesson I am teaching.  It is a self-paced learning tool.  It also has an ELA part.  There are lessons that go along with some of the standards also.

My good friend Tessa from Tales from Outside the Classroom has actually written a super informative blog post all about Front Row. You can find that post HERE.


Moby Max

Teachers raved about this app in the replies that they sent to me. Here are just a couple :

  • Yolanda says: “It not only helps with math, but also language arts.  The students start with a pretest and then it gives them mini lessons to fill in the gap.”
  • Debbie says: “I can tell you that MobyMax has been our go-to technology resource.  It gives a “level-determining” test, then goes through lessons to build skills, at that particular student’s level of success.  However, you can go in and assign a particular skill which you are covering in class.  For example, the student may be struggling with 2-digit subtraction, so MobyMax assigns those lessons; however, you are teaching a geometry section.  You can go in and assign a geometry MobyMax lesson and override the subtraction.  After the student completes the geometry, MobyMax will take them back to subtraction. MobyMax provides charts to show growth, both for administration and for parents.  It provides a “grade” for the academic performance and for focus.  The Fact Fluency tab is also powerful, for a daily quick review of all operations.”


This is another really popular one that teachers are using! Here is some feedback:

  • Ashley says: “SO engaging and competitive! I can even join in and play against my students.  Everyone is working on skills at their specific levels but we can still play against each other.”
  • Susanne says: “It will automatically adjust questions(games) to each individual student’s level. Teachers can sign on and view scores and things they are struggling with. They can play against friends etc but each at their own level.”



Although this website is free, the app does cost money. Many teachers that I heard from have this app paid for by their administration. Here’s what a few teachers had to say:

  • Michelle says: “My students use it to practice their facts and it gives me a report each week on my students progress. The app costs money by the website is free to use.”
  • Kristi says: “I actually use their website since it’s free, but they also have a paid app. I use it to improve automaticity with facts. You can customize each student’s program.”
  • Shawna says: “I use xtramath for math fact fluency practice…free account, students earn certificates, is individualized, easy to manage; can leave students in indefinitely…I have students now in 7th grade still using it.  I am also able to make accounts for siblings so the whole family can use it.”


EducreationsShowMe, and Explain Everything

A lot of teachers that I heard from are using apps in order for students to make video showing their thinking. I LOVE this idea! What a fantastic way to assess, find gaps in knowledge, and reinforce important skills! Educreations, Show Me, and Explain Everything are three of the apps that teachers are using to make this happen in their classrooms. Here’s a bit of feedback from a few teachers:

  • Seth says: “[ShowMe is a] great app to record videos of teaching math skills to post onto Google Classroom or email out to families.”
  • Alison says: “I love using it Educreations in math – allows students to take photos of 2d/3D objects in their school environment, go for a walk and find them. They then import image into Educreations, circle all the shapes/objects that they can find. They can also record themselves speaking and naming all the shapes/objects.”
  • Josephine says: “I use Explain Everything quite a bit. Explain everything we use as an informative and summative assessment tool. The students create their own presentation often recording their voice explaining their thinking as they draw/write their solutions to a given problem.”


The apps and websites mentioned above are the ones that were mentioned by the MOST teachers. However, there were many, many other apps and websites mentioned as well. I’ve included over 150 other math-related apps and websites below, listed in alphabetical order. Please note that this list includes both free and paid apps/websites.

Also, I received a comment from one of our teacher community members that I thought was important to remember when it comes to timed drills. Obviously all students are motivated differently, but this is some great advice. Here’s what Dawn had to say:

A note about timed math drills: I would like to encourage to avoid any apps that have timed activities.  Recent research has shown that math anxiety in children is much more likely to occur in students who participate in timed math activities, especially girls.  Deep mathematical thinking takes time and should not be rushed.

Now, here’s that list!


I hope that you found this list useful! If you have any other great math apps or websites that you use in your classroom, please feel free to leave the names of them in the comment section below!



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