The Best Virtual Manipulatives for Distance Learning

The Best Virtual Manipulatives for Distance Learning

Math manipulatives are essential for building a conceptual understanding of math. As we head into a school year with many unknowns, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to continue teaching math conceptually. Even within the classroom, we are now thinking about how to manage handling manipulatives. Luckily, there are a ton of virtual manipulatives out there that can help!

Here are some of my favorite virtual math manipulatives.

Virtual Base Ten Blocks

Base ten blocks are useful for practicing many different skills: place value, addition/subtraction, multiplication, measurement, and more. They allow students to create physical representations of numbers to build number sense. Base ten blocks make addition, subtraction, multiplication, and even division simple to visualize. Cubes and flats are also a great way to introduce perimeter and area to students during a measurement unit.

Here are my favorite websites for virtual base ten blocks:


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Virtual Hundreds Chart
A hundreds chart is an excellent tool for counting, adding, subtracting, and recognizing number patterns. One way to utilize a hundreds chart is by skip counting to build a foundation for multiplication.

Math Playground has an excellent interactive 100 or 120 chart HERE.  Another alternative is this interactive 120 chart on

Virtual Fraction Tiles
Fraction tiles are a lifesaver when it comes to teaching students about equivalent fractions and adding/subtracting fractions. They make it simple to model parts and wholes. I love these fractions tiles on is another great resource.

Virtual Number Lines
Number lines help students visualize the value of numbers in relation to each other.

I love this number line on because it allows you to input any starting and ending numbers. Toy Theater also has a number line that may be useful for you HERE.

Virtual Rekenreks
The rekenrek is another fantastic tool for visualizing numbers and building and understanding of how they relate to one another. Here are two different styles of rekenrek.

Virtual Ten Frames
Ten frames are a must-use manipulative in any elementary classroom! Ten frames reinforce the relationship between 5 and 10, and make it easy to visualize how other numbers are related and connected.

Didax has a great virtual ten frame HERE.

Virtual Geoboard
Just like a physical geoboard, students can create shapes and line segments by stretching rubber bands from peg to peg on these virtual boards.

Here’s a useful virtual geoboard. I also recommend checking out this site for using other tools while using geoboards!

Virtual Math Clocks
I love these virtual clocks on Math Learning Center because there are so many options, based on your classroom needs. There are three different forms of clocks to choose from: a clock with fractions, one with free-moving hands, and one with geared hands.

Virtual Tangrams
Tangrams are useful manipulatives to practice geometric skills such as congruency, identifying and measuring angles, and symmetry. They are also fantastic for building STEM and problem-solving skills.

Here’s a great set of virtual tangrams on Toy Theater.

Other Helpful Tools
Here are some other helpful virtual manipulatives:



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