At Home Learning During the Coronavirus School Closures

As teachers around the world face difficult times, I wanted to reach out and offer some assistance. Many of you are currently preparing home learning packages to be sent home with students during school closures. I know this is a difficult task because you are faced with trying to achieve that balance between continuing to challenge your students, but also ensuring that the activities that you send can easily be completed at home.

I’m honestly at a bit of a loss with how to help, and I feel like anything I can do is insignificant given the challenges that you are facing. However, I still want to do my part.

  • First of all, I’ve discounted my entire TpT store by 20% off until late next week. If you decide to send home my math projects or other materials for families to work through together, I want to make sure that you can do so affordably.
  • Speaking of Math Projects, if you haven’t already downloaded the free Camping Trip Math Project, you can do so . This could easily be worked on from home.
  • Third, here are links to three different math games that can be found on my website. Each link includes printable instructions of the game, and the only materials needed are cards and dice. These would work well for parents to play at home with their kids.
  • Fourth, I have made a line of resources that I wrote several years ago FREE until April 15. I designed Interactive Homework Notebooks to be a fun way for parents to reinforce basic skills with their children at home. I have versions available for Grades K through 4. I hope you find this useful. To download them for free from my TpT store, please use the links below.

I hope that this can help you in some small way.

Thinking of you as you navigate your way through the coming weeks. You are supported and appreciated!


Looking for digital learning options? I’m working as quickly as I can to get my math projects converted to digital format for use with Google Classroom. See the full updated list of what’s available HERE.

Looking for the best options for at-home learning? Parents and teachers – I am here to support you. See more here.


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