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Are you searching for resources that are suitable for at-home learning? Over the past week I’ve had a lot of questions about my resources and how they can be used for learning from home. In this post, I’ll highlight some of the best options for learning math from home. These resources are best-suited to grades 2-6 students.



My line of math projects are a fantastic resource for at home learning. There are currently over 30 available. All math projects incorporate high-interest topics with relevant math skills. Many teachers report that their students beg to work on these and don’t even realize they are doing math in the process! Whether your child is running a candy store, being a superhero, or going on a camping trip, there are many options to engage!

See all math projects here.

Parents – Need help choosing one that will work well for your kids? I’m here to support you through this overwhelming time. Just email me at shelley@shelleygrayteaching.com.

Teachers – I’m working as quickly as possible to get these math projects converted to digital versions for use with Google Classroom. See the full list HERE (updated daily).




Many homeschool families use my line of math stations to teach their children addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Math stations are a strategic way to learn basic math facts and strategies. I understand that everything you have seen on social media about the so-called “new math” probably has you feeling overwhelmed and intimidated. But I want to assure you that “new math” is not as new as it sounds. These stations will help you understand how your child learns best. My goal with all of my resources is to make math fun – not frustrating or overwhelming.

I currently have math stations available for Grades 1-4. However, if you have a 5th or 6th grader who needs some practice with basic facts, the 4th grade stations will work well. As you’ll see in some of the pictures, I recommend that teachers set up these stations in tubs or bins. However, for your homeschool situation, you can simply make the station into a booklet for your child as shown below.

See all Math Stations HERE.

Again, parents – I am here to support you if you are feeling overwhelmed about which one would be best for your child. If you have questions, please email me at shelley@shelleygrayteaching.com.




I’m working on creating student math videos! I hope that these will be useful to you whether you’re a teacher or a parent! See the video page HERE.



  • Parents, I know that these are tough days that you are going through. I want to personally commend those of you who are actively searching for ways to help your child learn math during this period of school closures. When it comes down to it, a positive attitude and a willingness to learn is all you need. You don’t need to know exactly how to teach math. You don’t even need to know the math. You can learn along with your child. I am feeling a very strong pull to help parents teach math to their children during this difficult time. I’ve created a FB group for parents who are sudden homeschoolers, where I’ll be sharing ideas daily to help keep math fun and exciting in their homes. As I suddenly homeschool my own children along with you, I’m inviting you to learn along with us. I don’t know exactly what this will look like yet, but we will figure it out together! If you’d like to join me inside this new private FB group, please request access HERE.
  • Have you downloaded my free Camping Trip Math Project yet? This is a great way to practice addition and subtraction! Download it for free HERE.  Here’s what one parent had to say: “As a parent who is learning to homeschool due to Covid-19, thank you for this!! We worked through some of this today and my kids absolutely loved it!”
  • I’ve also made my Interactive Homework Notebooks free until April 15 to help teachers and parents plan for school closures. See the details HERE.


Take care, and I hope to connect with you soon,




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