Thank you for your interest in the free Camping Trip Math Project! Math projects are a fantastic way to engage your students around a fun theme. Many teachers report that their students don’t even realize that they’re learning along the way!


Keep in mind that this project is best-suited for Grades 2-3. If you teach a higher grade, you’ll be able to use this for some of your students who need extra reinforcement with basic addition and subtraction.


More Math Projects 

I currently have over 30 engaging real-life math projects available for your Grades 2-5 students. Here are just a few of them! Or see all math projects HERE.

Most of these projects now include a digital version for use with Google Slides. For a complete list of the projects that have been made digital, please see THIS PAGE.

Next Steps:

  • Be on the look-out for a follow-up email from me tomorrow. I’ll go over lots of ideas for how to use this math project in your classroom, including mini classroom transformations and differentiation.
  • Interested in more engaging Math Projects like this one? How about getting your students to “Run a Pet Shelter,”Run a Pizza Place,” or escape after being “Lost in the Woods?” See them all HERE.