Doubles Race to 100: A Dice Math Game


This is a fun math game to use as a math warm up and to get adrenaline pumping at the beginning of math class! It is also useful to reinforce counting from 1-100. Because of the fast-paced, exciting nature of this game, it is great for a variety of ages.

My teacher community has come up with lots of ideas for how this game can be modified. Here are a few of those modification ideas:

  • Rather than counting from 1-100, have students count backwards from 100-1 or skip-count (for example, skip-count by 5’s from 0-500).
  • Use a 100 or 120 chart to help students keep their counting organized.
  • Instead of counting to 100, have students fill in a blank multiplication chart each time they roll doubles.

Here’s the complete video explanation of this game. The downloadable instructions are available below.





If you’d like to download a printable version of the game instructions, please click HERE and the download will begin immediately.




  • Love this game – Can’t wait to show my kids tomorrow. I will play versus the class to demonstrate. May need my ear plugs!


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