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Going digital?

As you transition to distance learning for your classroom, I know that you need resources that you can use digitally with your students. I’ve made digital resources my top priority right now to help you get exactly what you need during this time. Below is a summary of all digital resources that I currently have available. More will be coming, so continue to check back!

Most Math Projects have now been converted to a digital format using Google Slides. If you have purchased my projects in the past, you have access to these digital versions. Simply re-download the file from your “My Purchases” on TpT. The link to the digital version can be found on page 3 of each file. If you don’t currently own these projects, but would like to, the links below will take you to the product pages.

Currently, digital versions are available for the following math projects:



(If you already own these, you now have access to the digital version – just re-download from TpT)

The Multi-Digit Multiplication Station

The Multiplication Station

Number of the Day for 10-1000 (previously 10-600)

Number of the Day for 1-50

Number of the Day for 51-100

Standard Algorithm 2-digit addition without regrouping



The following resources have been designed for use with Google Drive and DO NOT include PDF versions. Your students will practice skills in an interactive way, moving and manipulating objects on their screen!

Here’s a digital resource for basic multiplication. I’ve included conceptual practice, fact practice, and even strategy videos that students can watch! There are over 100 student slides to reinforce basic multiplication facts. See this digital multiplication resource HERE.

Digital Basic Division Activities

This resource includes over 70 slides for students to practice basic division facts to 100. They will enhance their conceptual understanding using equal groups, working with arrays, and relating multiplication to division. See it HERE.

Here’s another digital resource for interactive learning! Students will work with amounts to $100 in a variety of ways. See it on TpT HERE or watch the YouTube video overview HERE.



Students will work with time to 15 minutes, time to 5 minutes, and time to the minute. Choose the slides that best suit your goals for your students! See it HERE.


NEW! Digital Fraction Activities for 3-4


Digital Fraction Activities for 4-5



If you are working on Area and Perimeter, you’ll want to check out this new digital resource!


This Multi-Digit Multiplication Word Problems resource includes a digital and print version. The digital version includes 20 word problems and 20 slides for showing work. The print version includes the same problems in task card format. See it HERE.



These mystery pictures are completely self-checking, meaning no marking for you!




Digital Place Value- Find Digital Place Value to 1,000 HERE and Digital Place Value to 10,000 HERE.



I’m really excited about this next resource – Digital Notebooks for Use With Google Slides™. There are SO many options for how to use these with your students! See the Growing Bundle HERE, and read more details about what you can do with these notebooks HERE.


I’ll be updating this page as more resources are added, so check back soon!

Other Digital Resources:



Going Digital?


  • This is amazing, thank you. As a math coach and teacher, I am continuously looking for more options in the uncertainty of our remote learning duration and expectations.

  • Thank you so much for doing this, I’ve used the Candy store project and my students LOVED it! I can’t wait to use the campground project !

    thank you again for your hard work on creating effective and fun projects for the rest of us to use. 🙂

  • Thank you so much. I know my students love your activities and it will be something they will want to do from home.

    • Hi Nancy! Unfortunately I don’t have any digital resources for Kindergarten. Sorry about that!

  • Thank you so much! These activities are great! I am going to get some of your other ones for math stations next year!

  • Thank you so much! I have always LOVED your work! I’m a huge fan (as are my students)! Thanks so much for converting many of your files to digital for us during these digital learning times. It helps so much!

  • This is wonderful, thank you!
    I’ve used your Camping project and it was great. The digital /google classroom is awesome and so appreciated!
    Thank you again and stay safe!

  • We loved the Pet Shelter project in French! Do you have any more projects in French for Grade 4?? Would love to use them as we convert to online learning!


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