The Multiplication Station – Setup and Support Video

This is a support video for those teachers using The Multiplication Station in their classrooms.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this support and setup video for The Multiplication Station. I know that as you browse through the Multiplication Station file, it looks overwhelming, but I promise that you are going to be amazed at how well this program runs in your classroom.



Some helpful links as you get started with your Multiplication Station:



  • Hi, there! I purchased the multiplication station for my students, and was fortunate to be able to practice with a small group of students in an intervention class before I introduce it to my students next week. I have one question! There are several sets for each level. Do you have ALL the students do all the sets before they can assess, or do you pick and choose the sets for specific students? If the latter, how do you decide which activities for which students? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Monica! I recommend you have students do all the activities. Often, even if a student already knows certain facts, they will learn a new strategy or way of thinking. Also, those easier levels will serve as confidence boosters for them. Hope this is helpful! Good luck!


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