Free Christmas Math Activities (Students Will Actually Be Begging for More!)





Picture this. It’s the week before Christmas. There is a productive hum all through your classroom as your students happily work on their math assignments. Sound too good to be true? Learning and high engagement is possible the week before Christmas, no matter how excited your students are for the big jolly guy to come down the chimney. These free Christmas math activities will keep your students engaged, on task, and will make them forget they are even “doing math!” In this Christmas math freebie, I’ve included three different activities from my Christmas math projects. Whether you teach Grade 2 or Grade 5, you’ll be able to use at least one of the activities!

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The first activity is a fun Christmas Sweater logic problem task where students will use the clues to figure out which friend gets which Christmas sweater. Students will also work with money as they calculate the cost of the sweaters. This activity is from my Christmas Project, which you can find on TpT HERE.


free Christmas math activities


The second activity that I’ll be sending you is this Christmas Mystery Picture. In this activity, students will use basic operations to complete the mystery picture. This activity is from my North Pole Project, which you can find on TpT HERE.

free Christmas math activities


The final activity that I’ll be sending you is perfect for younger students. In this Letters to Santa graphing activity, students interpret the data from the bar graph, and use it to create a tally chart. This activity is from my Santa’s Workshop math project, which is ideal for Grades 2-3. You can find the complete project on TpT here.

free Christmas math activities

More Christmas Activities for the Classroom

If you’re excited to keep your math class festive all month long, here are some other resources you might be interested in! 


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