Free Mini Course: Basic Multiplication and Division – Mastery for ALL Students




Is strategic teaching one of your goals this year? Through a practical, strategic approach, we have the power to make multiplication and division EASIER for our students. What if you were excited to teach multiplication and division, and your students were equally as excited to learn it? Let’s teach these operations for mastery this year!

Who is this mini-course for?

  • 3rd-4th grade teachers teaching basic multiplication and division
  • 5th-6th grade teachers whose students “should” know the facts, but don’t
  • math intervention teachers
  • parents who are interested in helping their child with basic multiplication and division facts


Course Content

  • An order of teaching the multiplication facts that will be a game changer for your classroom
  • Effective mental math strategies for each set of facts
  • Connecting division to multiplication
  • Key division strategies and which one to focus on most
  • Q&A session
  • Free resources


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