Four Practical Tips to Transform the Way Your Students Understand Multiplication

I’m on a mission to help you empower your students so they truly understand multiplication at a deep level and are able to achieve true fluency.

Multiplication is so much more than simply memorizing the facts.

These videos will help you begin to think differently about the way you teach multiplication – so your students can finally build that deep understanding that leads to true fluency.

I’m happy to announce that enrollment is open for my new course – How To Teach Multiplication. See more details below the videos!

VIDEO #1: One Small Tweak For Big Results

VIDEO #2: Re-thinking the CRA Model

VIDEO #3: Are you using this tool to its full potential?

Video #4: Rethinking Multiplication Tricks

Like the ideas in these videos? The full How to Teach Multiplication course is your complete road map to teaching basic multiplication for true fluency. And of course, it comes with a ton of bonus materials so you can implement the ideas without any extra research and planning.

Wondering if this course is right for you? To help you decide, I’m hosting a free, 45-minute masterclass called, “The 5 Part Framework for Teaching Multiplication for True Fluency.”

In this free masterclass, I’ll be sharing the exact same framework that I teach in depth inside the full program. The masterclass will give you a great overview of everything that is included in the full course so you can make the decision whether it is right for you. Additionally, my goal in this masterclass is to provide you with actionable tips and strategies you can use immediately – even if you decide not to join the full program.

Register for the free multiplication webinar here.

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