The Annual Winter Festival: A Real-Life Math Project


Are you looking for a way to reinforce essential math skills and concepts in an engaging way that helps your students make connections? “The Annual Winter Festival” is a real-life math project where students will complete TEN different math-related tasks. This project will help your students see how math is used in real life.

You might choose to print specific tasks to use during Math centers, or you might make a booklet out of all ten tasks and let your students choose which one to do when. The choice is yours.




Take a look at what you’ll find inside this math project:


TASK #1: Map of the Grounds

You’re in charge of creating the map that will be given to visitors as they enter the Winter Festival. Represent each location on the map, and then use the map to answer some visitor questions.

Math Skills: coordinate planes, directions


TASK #2: Sleigh Rides

A team of horses does sleigh rides throughout the day at the Winter Festival. Can you help create a schedule for the day?

Math Skills: elapsed time, mapping


TASK #3: Dog Sled Races

This year, eight dog sled teams have come to the Festival for the big race! Work with the dog sled map, and then use the start and finish times to place each team from first to eighth.

Math Skills: addition, problem-solving, elapsed time


TASK #4: Snow Fort Building

There are lots of snow forts being built in the snow fort area! Figure out the area and perimeter for each irregular-shaped snow fort. Then draw two of your own snow forts that have an area between 90 and 100 square meters.

Math Skills: area, perimeter


TASK #5: Ice Sculpture Carving Competition

Five huge blocks of ice sit waiting to be carved into something spectacular – and now it’s finally time! Can you help tally the votes to figure out the winner?

Math Skills: graphing and data interpretation


TASK #6: The Hot Chocolate Station

The free homemade hot chocolate at the Winter Festival is FAMOUS! It’s time to figure out how much will be needed this year.

Math Skills: fractions, multiplication, addition


TASK #7: Ticket Sales

There are two types of tickets – pre-sale and at-the-door. You’ll need to figure out the revenue from each type of ticket and then total it up.

Math Skills: money, multiplication, addition


TASK #8: Winter Festival Concession Stand

Every outdoor event needs a concession stand! Take a look at a few of the orders and figure out how much change each person needs.

Math Skills: addition, money, making change


TASK #9: Winter Sports

The winter sports are one of the most popular parts of the Winter Festival! There are snowshoeing trails, cross-country ski trails, and a skating rink. You’ve been asked to help with the equipment rentals this year.

Math Skills: basic operations, graphing, data interpretation


TASK #10: Final Revenue and Expenses

The main goal of the Winter Festival is to provide a fun activity for the community. But we still have to make sure that we make more money than we spend! It’s your job to figure out the profit and then figure out how to allocate it to various community organizations!

Math Skills: addition, subtraction





Math projects are an ideal way to consolidate learning. I recommend using them as an engaging activity AFTER skills have been learned rather than during learning. You will likely find that engagement is very high and that your students ask to do more of these!

There are many ways to use math projects in your classroom. Some of the most popular are:

•a small-group or pairs activity

•a guided math activity to allow you to see where your students are struggling

•a fun, rewarding way to engage your early finishers

•a low-prep, easy-to-implement activity for a substitute teacher




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