Free Math Projects in Partnership with Manitoba Canola Growers

Are you looking for a way to engage your students in real-world math tasks? Would you like to try some FREE math projects out in your classroom? Math projects are a fantastic way to show your students how math is used in real life. Over the past year, I’ve been partnering with Manitoba Canola Growers to bring you three new math projects – completely FREE for you! Although these math projects were created based on Manitoba curriculum outcomes, they can be used by anyone in any location! Here’s a quick overview of each project and what it involves, so you can see if it is right for your classroom.

Farming Through the Seasons

Best-suited to Grade 1

In Farming Through the Seasons, your students will learn about the important work that farmers do. Math skills include:

  • subitizing and recognizing arrangements of dots/objects
  • representing numbers to 20
  • addition/subtraction within 20
  • estimation
  • repeating patterns

Some science outcomes are also included, such as using appropriate vocabulary related to the senses, giving examples of how the senses are important, and asking questions that lead to explorations of living things. Here are just a few of the activities!

Download the Farming Through the Seasons math project for FREE here!

Run a Food Truck

Best-suited to Grade 4

Who doesn’t love a food truck? In this math project, students get to plan their very own food truck! The goal of this project is not only to inspire real-life math and language skills but also to inspire kids in the kitchen! This is a fun project that will have your students begging to finish it!

In Run a Food Truck, your students will work on math skills such as:

  • addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • estimation
  • identifying and adding fractions
  • problem-solving
  • time and money
  • graphing and data interpretation

Students will also practice ELA skills such as using descriptive and persuasive language, using online sources to conduct research, and writing for a specific purpose and audience.

Download the Run a Food Truck Math Project for FREE here.

Plan an Agriculture Conference

Best-suited to Grade 6

Have you ever thought about all of the things that go into planning a conference? There is math everywhere! In this fun math project, your students will work with the many aspects of event planning, such as choosing a venue, working with the budget, calculating revenue and expenses, and planning the welcome speech.

Math skills include:

  • solving multi-step word problems with large numbers
  • percents
  • estimation
  • multiplication with decimals
  • area of irregular shapes
  • interpreting graphs
  • probability

Here are just a few of the tasks that are included.

Students will also work with some ELA skills such as creating text for a specific audience and purpose.

Download the Run an Agriculture Conference Math Project for FREE here.

I hope these math projects come in useful in your classroom! Whether you use them in small group rotations, guided math groups, as independent seatwork, or as an early finisher activity, your students are sure to love the connections to real life. Here are those links one more time. And remember, these math projects are all absolutely free (thanks to Manitoba Canola Growers).

Farming Through the Seasons

Run a Food Truck

Plan an Agriculture Conference


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