Fraction Sundaes


FRACTION SUNDAESNow that summer is here, I wanted to share a fraction sundae project that I did awhile back with my grade 3 students. I got the idea from this Scholastic book, “Math Art” that has tons of great ideas for integrating art with math.

I used the templates from the book for the bowl and the scoops, and the kids decided which kinds of ice cream they would include in the bowl. Of course the most important part is the labeling, which is where the fractions come in. In case it is hard to see in the picture, the kids write fractions for the scoops of ice cream. So, if there are 8 scoops altogether, and a student put 3 scoops of mint chocolate chip, she writes “3/8 mint chocolate chip.” The kids loved this project and they made a fantastic bulletin board display!




Looking for more fun ways to practice fractions in your classroom?

Number lines are an essential tool for teaching fractions. Number lines help students understand fractions as numbers rather than simply “pieces of pizza.” This set of task cards will help your students practice fractions on a number line in a variety of different ways.


More Resources for Teaching Fractions:



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