About Me

 Hi! I’m Shelley! 

My mission is to help all of your students feel successful and engaged. I believe that your entire classroom can be transformed simply by being mindful of your approach and using simple principles of student engagement.

I’m Shelley Gray. I help teachers from all over the world better manage their classrooms and engage their students in order to achieve higher levels of success.

You might be thinking, “The range of abilities in my classroom is too big. I simply can’t help all students reach their full potential,” or “My curriculum is just too overwhelming. I can’t find the time to cover the basics that students need to know.”

I am here to tell you that there is a way. You CAN help all of your students reach their full potential. You CAN have a well-managed classroom where students take responsibility for their own learning. You CAN focus on the basics, even when there is so much other content to cover.

As a former teacher turned stay-at-home-mom and curriculum writer, I write resources and programs that help elementary students feel engaged and successful. My resources are designed to allow students to take real responsibility for their own learning, allowing the teacher to become more of a facilitator than a “bearer of information.”

I began teaching in 2005. As a teacher, my passion was student engagement. My top priority at all times was ensuring that my students loved learning, and loved coming to my classroom. I loved taking challenging topics and making them accessible for all students, regardless of ability level. When students are happy and engaged, they are learning. What an amazing feeling it is to know that you are reaching every single student, and impacting their ability to be successful!

I truly want your students to love learning.

I know that you have an overwhelming amount of expectations to meet. I know that your curriculum is over-loaded with topics, and you never have enough time to allow your students to master all of them. I know that your classroom includes students with a wide range of abilities and that sometimes you almost pull your hair out wondering how you can possibly do it all.

Whether it’s implementing project based learning or a self-paced, student-centered approach for basic math facts, making sure that your early finishers are always engaged, or providing ideas for classroom management, I am here to help!

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