The Early Finisher Board: Free Two-Week Sample

Do you struggle to engage the fast finishers in your classroom? Do you get tired of telling your early finishers to read a book or finish their homework?

Try The Early Finisher Board for FREE now! Just sign up at the bottom of this page and I’ll send you a free 2-week sample, as well as the Getting Started Guide which will give you everything you need to set The Early Finisher Board up in your classroom.

The Early Finisher Board is designed to promote:

– organization

– freedom to choose based on personal preferences

– differentiation based on learning styles and interests

– success for a wide variety of ability levels within your diverse classroom.

– student engagement

– pride and excitement

What are teachers saying about The Early Finisher Board?

“I am so pleased with how well my students are using this board. They love the choices and enjoy putting all their work in a journal. I just collect them once a week or so, to see what the students have been doing. It has been a hit in my class. My principal came into my room the other day and said, “What a clever idea.” Thanks so much.”

“This was a breeze to set up in my classroom! I’m so excited to introduce it to my students tomorrow! No more bored kids! 🙂 Thank you!”

“AMAZING product. Early finishers have always been a challenge for me because I still want them to be engaged and learning, this is a perfect package with relevant and engaging activities.”