Math Projects and Escape Rooms | Grades 3-4 Bundle

Ready to infuse real-life experience into your math class? Math projects and escape room challenges are a great way to do that!



This bundle includes TEN math projects and escape rooms:

  • Design a Playground (multiplication)
  • Airport Adventures (time, elapsed time, graphing, addition, money, and more)
  • Run an Ice Cream Shop (beginning fractions)
  • Egyptian Treasure Escape Room (addition and subtraction within 1,000)
  • Run a Fast Food Restaurant (place value to thousands)
  • Storm Chasers (addition and subtraction within 1,000 and 10,000)
  • Run a Grocery Store (various measurement concepts)
  • Lost in the Amazon Escape Room (number sense)
  • Run a Babysitting Business (time, money, addition, subtraction, graphing)
  • Plan a Fundraising Campaign (number sense with an emphasis on estimation, reasoning, and flexible thinking)

Curriculum content is best-suited to Grades 3-4 but will also be a great way for some fifth grade students to work on skills they have already learned. Learning how to problem-solve in real-life scenarios is one of the biggest goals of these projects!


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