Basic Multiplication Facts Task Card Bundle

If your goal is to get really strategic with multiplication instruction in your classroom this year, this resource is for you!

This big bundle of basic multiplication task cards includes SEVENTEEN sets of task cards to encourage independent, strategic learning and reinforcement in your classroom!



The following sets are included:

  • Multiplication Arrays
  • Basic Multiplication Problem-Solving
  • Basic Multiplication Flashcards for Facts 0-12
  • Multiplying by 0 and 1
  • Multiplying by 2
  • Multiplying by 3
  • Multiplying by 4
  • Multiplying by 5
  • Multiplying by 6
  • Multiplying by 7
  • Multiplying by 8
  • Multiplying by 9
  • Multiplying by 10
  • Multiplying by 11
  • Multiplying by 12
  • Working with All Basic Multiplication Facts from 0-12
  • Working with All Basic Multiplication Facts from 0-10

Each set includes 24 task cards that encourage conceptual learning through problem-solving, arrays, strategic thinking, missing numbers, skip-counting, picture representations, and more. Recording sheets and answer keys are also included.


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