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It’s that time of year when many people are beginning to prepare their Early Finisher Boards for next school year. It’s a great idea to get started on this now, as it does take a bit of time, especially for the initial set-up. The good news is that once you have it set up, the bi-weekly switches are easy! I’ve had many people tell me that they get parent volunteers to help with switching the tasks every two weeks. Love that idea!

Over the years, I have had many people send me pictures of their boards after creating them. I cannot even tell you how much I love to see photographs of your boards! I love seeing how people make theirs their own, and make modifications to suit their own classrooms. Lately on my Facebook page I have had people begging for more pictures! These serve as great inspiration as others set up their own boards. So, I am dedicating this blog post to options for your Early Finisher Board. I will be using pictures that have been sent to me from teachers around the world, using the Early Finisher Board in their classrooms.



Also, keep reading to see how you can get started with your own Early Finisher Board ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Here is my Early Finisher board. I used borders and colored folders to make it pop!


Here’s one that Ariel made. I love the polka dots on her folders! {You can see Ariel’s blog post about her board HERE.}


Here is Carrie’s board. With a little creativity she managed to fit everything onto a smaller tri-fold. The title really adds a nice pop of color too:


I REALLY like how Karen added a border to her board. Along with the colored folders, title and decorative stars, it looks fantastic!


Sara added color with paint! I am a huge fan of the black and teal…very sharp looking! Sara also made a modification to the “Journal It” area by using zip-loc bags:


Next up is Kym’s Early Finisher Board. If you look really closely you will see that she used glittery scrapbook paper to create the folders. In Kym’s words, “It has a lot of bling.” Haha! Love that!


Here is another one by Royanna. I must say that the black background looks so great! Like many others, Royanna used patterned folders which make SUCH a difference. Love it!


And now we get into the bulletin board versions. Some people {who have the extra bulletin board space} find that it works better than the tri-fold. Below are three pictures of Early Finisher Boards made on a small bulletin board. These were done by Tina, Jamie and Katherin. Great job, ladies!




Here is another fantastic idea for teachers who don’t have a lot of extra space. This picture was sent to me from Dee. She created her board on a cabinet in her room to save space elsewhere! I love this! She used patterned folders to add a pop of color. For her title, she wanted a fun font so she created letters using Word Art on her computer and cut them out. She reports that the labor of cutting just a few Word Art letters out was a manageable task! 🙂 I seriously love this board. Thanks Dee!


Here is another one done on a cabinet/locker space. Julia made this board, and wow! Does it ever look amazing!! I love how she really used all of the space that she had available to her.


Due to downsizing to a smaller classroom, Tami had to get creative with her Early Finisher Board! She used magnets for everything and created it on her filing cabinet! Great idea, Tami!


Here is Sharla’s board. Sharla had extra white board space in her classroom, so decided to create her Early Finisher Board near the bottom of one of the whiteboards. Great idea!


Next up is Kris! Kris’ student teacher created the Early Finisher Board using a presentation board and fastened it to the wall using 3M Velcro. Love that! Teachers really can turn any space into an Early Finisher Board!


Diane had a great idea for her board! The general instructions in the Early Finisher Board use velcro dots and laminated folder labels in order to display the week’s activity on each folder. Instead of doing that, Diane cut page protectors the same size as each pocket. She then adhered the edges of the page protector to the front of each pocket using hot glue. Now she simply slides the folder labels inside the pocket – no laminating or velcro dots needed! What a neat idea! Thanks Diane!


Now last but certainly not least is this AMAZING idea from Amanda. Amanda is a substitute teacher and needed her board to be portable. So she took her Early Finisher printables, and created this awesome folder system. Now she can use the board for her short-term teaching positions, and simply pack it up and move it when she needs to switch classrooms. I. love. this. idea.  Thank you so much for sharing, Amanda!


So there you have it! If you have used my Early Finisher Board printables to create your own board, I would love to see it {and I know that other teachers would too}! If you would like to send in your pictures to be featured on my blog and Facebook page, please post your picture on my Facebook page and I will take it from there!

NOW, as promised, I want to offer you something special. If you have been thinking about purchasing The Early Finisher Board, but have been undecided, I want to help you get started for free. All you need to do is sign up HERE, and I will send you the Getting Started Guide (all the printables you need to set up your board) AND two weeks of early finisher activities, absolutely FREE!

Alternatively, if you know that you can’t go another minute without this resource, please see the links below:

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