Live Webinars and Mini-Courses

All live webinars have now been made into mini-courses. This will allow you to view the content right now (or whenever is convenient) and at your own pace!

Here’s what you can expect from my mini courses:

  • 45-60 minutes of fast-paced, valuable content – I know that your time is valuable and I won’t waste it!
  • TONS of ideas that you can take to your classroom immediately
  • Free resources to help you put your plan into action
  • A PD certificate



Early Finisher Board 101 – approximately 45 minutes

Have you seen the Early Finisher Board or Math Choice Board on social media and wondered if it would work in your classroom? This webinar will help you understand how these boards can literally transform your classroom and keep your students engaged. You’ll leave with loads of ideas and inspiration to get your own board up and running in your classroom.

Who is this mini course for?

  • Kindergarten – 6th grade teachers who are interested in learning more about the Early Finisher Board or Math Choice Board
  • Teachers looking for unique Early Finisher/Math Choice Board set-up ideas for their classroom
  • Teachers who have been using The Early Finisher Board for years, but who are looking for fresh new ideas


    • What is the Early Finisher Board/Math Choice Board is and how can my students use it?
    • How can I incorporate one or both of the boards into my classroom?
    • What are some options for setting the board up? In this section we will look at a ton of teacher pictures, which will serve as fantastic inspiration.
    • Two-week free sample and free Getting Started Guide
    • More sample activities


Teaching Basic Multiplication and Division for Mastery – approximately 60 minutes

Is strategic teaching one of your goals this year? Through a practical, strategic approach, we have the power to make multiplication and division EASIER for our students. What if you were excited to teach multiplication and division, and your students were equally as excited to learn it? Let’s teach these operations for mastery this year!

Who is this mini course for?

  • 3rd-4th grade teachers teaching basic multiplication and division
  • 5th-6th grade teachers whose students “should” know the facts, but don’t
  • math intervention teachers
  • parents who are interested in helping their child with basic multiplication and division facts


  • An order of teaching the multiplication facts that will be a game changer for your classroom
  • Effective mental math strategies for each set of facts
  • Connecting division to multiplication
  • Key division strategies and which one to focus on most
  • Free resources


Teaching Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division – approximately 60 minutes

Do you dread teaching long multiplication and division every year? Are you frustrated by the fact that very few of your students actually GET it?  What if you could teach your students strategies that would BOOST their conceptual understanding, as well as make multi-digit multiplication and division FUN to learn? Is that possible? Absolutely. Through a practical, strategic approach, we have the power to make a big impact on the success that our students experience with these operations.


Who is this mini course for?

  • 4th-6th grade teachers teaching multi-digit multiplication and division
  • 3rd grade teachers who have some students far above grade level and who need an extra challenge
  • math intervention teachers
  • parents who are interested in helping their child with multi-digit multiplication and division


  • “Old Math” vs “New Math” – MYTH BUSTED!
  • The essential strategies that need to be taught BEFORE traditional methods for long multiplication and division
  • A variety of approaches and which students should be using each one
  • Free resources