Fun Christmas Activities for the Classroom (Grades 2-6)

Christmas is coming and times are chaotic! Wrapping up the year can be difficult amid Christmas concerts and other special events that ALL seem to happen around this time of the year. Even though your students are more than ready for Christmas holidays, it is still possible to keep them highly engaged with fun, meaningful activities. Below I have provided a brief run-down of the Christmas activities that I currently have available so that you can choose the ones that best suit your classroom and needs. You’ll find Escape Rooms (a GREAT way to end the year on a high note), Math Projects, and mystery picture activities.


WHERE’S RUDOLPH – Christmas Escape Room for Grades 2-3 (Find it HERE.)

In this fun escape activity your students will work with base 10 representations, addition within 100, increasing patterns, skip-counting, and logic problems in order to find Rudolph and ultimately save Christmas! If you have never tried one of my Escape Room activities before, don’t be intimidated. I make sure that they are easy to prep and easy to implement. Your students are going to have a ball!


CHRISTMAS ESCAPE ROOM – for Grades 4-6 (Find it HERE.)

In this escape activity, your students will complete six challenging obstacles as a team. The goal is to save Santa’s elves! Your students will love cracking codes and solving these challenges!

SANTA’S WORKSHOP MATH PROJECT – for Grades 2-3 (Find it HERE.)

This Math Project is perfect for independent or partner work. Many teachers like to use it during Christmas concert rehearsals, etc when days are full and chaotic! This project incorporates a variety of math skills including addition and subtraction within 100, base 10 representation, graphing and data interpretation, time to 5 minutes, and more.

THE CHRISTMAS PROJECT – for Grades 4-6 (Find it HERE.)

This math project is a great way to keep your students engaged right til the last day of school before holidays. It incorporates a variety of math skills including money, graphing and data interpretation, logic problems, perimeter, basic operations, and more!


THE NORTH POLE PROJECT – for Grades 3-5 (Find it HERE.)

This math project incorporates a variety of math skills including graphing and data interpretation, money, basic operations, time, and more!



CHRISTMAS GALLERY WALK – for Grades 2-6 (Find it HERE.)

Gallery walks are a fantastic way to get your students up and moving around the classroom. This activity is perfect for the last week of school. The questions will prompt great conversation and keep students engaged.


All of these activities are also included in Christmas bundles which can be found here:


You’ll also find the escape rooms and math projects inside the Math Project and Escape Room Membership.


If you’d like to try a couple of Christmas activities for free, please see this blog post for more information.


Have a fantastic Christmas season!




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