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It’s difficult to know what to expect for the upcoming year. Regardless of whether students are learning from home or in the classroom next year, I think we can agree that digital learning is here to stay. My big focus right now is supporting you through this transition to a more digital classroom. I want to ensure that you have high quality resources that keep your students highly engaged. I also want you to know exactly what to expect when you purchase a digital resource from me.


Let’s talk first about my fully digital resources. These are optimized for digital learning and include moveable pieces, manipulatives, and more.

For example, in this Digital Area and Perimeter activity, students move pieces around the slide to calculate the area.

In Digital Division, students will complete activities like this one where they move the blocks in order to build a conceptual understanding of division.

In Digital Money to $100, students will drag coins and bills to make a specific amount. (Canadian and US dollars included)

In Digital Fractions, students will move the fraction pieces and fraction words to increase their understanding.

As you can see, these resources are fully interactive, highly engaging, and visually appealing.

If you’d like to see some of my fully digital resources in more depth, here are some complete video tours of what you can find in each one.

Digital Time and Elapsed Time Video Tour

Digital Multiplication Mystery Pictures Video Tour


The other type of digital resource that I have available is the PDF to digital conversion. In these resources, text boxes and tools have been added to the PDF document in order to make it compatible with Google Slides. Although these resources are not as colorful and interactive, they keep the consistency between the PDF version and the Google Drive version of the resource.

Math projects are a good example of this type of digital resource.

This video shows you exactly what to expect with a digital math project.


As you continue your digital teaching journey, here are some links that might be helpful to you.

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