Let’s face it. Some curriculum-related topics can get, well, a little “blah.” It is hard to keep thinking of fresh new ways to not only engage your students, but to appeal to all of them (including little Jimmy who can’t sit still for more than 1.75 minutes).

I love using paper folding in the classroom to show off students’ knowledge. Foldable paper projects are fun to make and look great on display in the classroom or the hallway. The one problem that I always run into though, is that if the student does not have neat printing, it ends up looking messy and unorganized.

That’s why I decided to start creating “Book-tivities.” These are exactly what the title suggests – a foldable “book” with a structured “activity” twist! Regardless of students’ writing skills, each book-tivity will look polished and ready for display.


Kinesthetic Learning? Check! Curriculum-based objectives? Check! Something to show off on parent-teacher day? Check!

To view all available book-tivity templates, please click here.