About The Early Finisher Board

Would you like to fully engage your early finishers, rather than telling them to read a book or finish their homework?

Would you like to motivate your students to finish their assignments?

Would you enjoy seeing your early finishers on-task, completing curriculum-related activities when they are finished their work?

Introducing: The Early Finisher Board!

The Early Finisher Board includes seven sections: Read It, Write It, Solve It, Draw It, Make It, Do It, and Journal It. Each section contains a fun, curriculum-related activity to engage your early finishers. The tasks are switched out every two weeks so that your students always have new tasks to choose from!

The Early Finisher Board is designed to promote:
– organization
– freedom to choose based on personal preferences
– differentiation based on learning styles and interests
– success for a wide variety of ability levels within your diverse classroom.
– student engagement
– pride and excitement

This tool truly has the potential to transform your classroom.

Thousands of people around the world are using the Early Finisher Board with huge success! Here’s what they are saying:

“Without a doubt, the best thing I have purchased from TpT — no lie. I actually cried when I saw the QUALITY of the tasks. There is NO busywork at all in this packet. Every task is aligned with the Common Core and I have found them to be challenging enough to keep my fast students engaged and happy, and fun enough to make others want to finish their work faster to be able to participate. The quiet engagement of my students makes this product priceless — a bargain at TWICE the price. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!”
-Kathleen L.

“I am so pleased with how well my students are using this board. They love the choices and enjoy putting all their work in a journal. I just collect them once a week or so, to see what the students have been doing. It has been a hit in my class. My principal came into my room the other day and said, “What a clever idea.” Thanks so much.”

“I’m speechless! This is a wonderful tool. I am so excited to put this in place for next year.”
-Tiffany C.

“This is completely worth the time and money! I can’t imagine my year without it! No more dreaded, “I’m done, now what?” AND my principal even observed my students and noted how they were not just simply doing busy work once finished with their classwork.”
-Whitney C.

What are you waiting for? For the price of just a few cups of coffee, you can purchase a tool that will engage your early finishers for the entire year!!!

Find the Grades 2-4 Version HERE. (this may be appropriate for some Grade 1 students as well).

Find the Grades 5-6 Version HERE. 

Find the Early Finisher Combo Pack HERE.