To end this year’s huge Back to School Sale on TpT, I’m giving one teacher their purchase amount back in TpT gift cards!! Read this carefully to make sure you qualify:

Which purchases are eligible?

What does the winner get?

  • The winner will receive a TpT gift card for the amount that was spent in Shelley Gray’s TpT store during the Back to School Sale. Only ONE receipt is allowed per person. For example, if you made multiple purchases during the sale, you can only submit one of those receipts (choose the one with the higher amount!!) 🙂

For example, suppose you are chosen as the winner and your receipt shows a total purchase of $40. $25 of that was purchased from Shelley Gray, and $15 from other TpT sellers. I’d send you a TpT gift card for your purchase amount from me, which would be $25! Make sense?


Keep in mind that resources that you buy tonight can still qualify! Just follow the instructions below once you make your purchase.


Here are the instructions to enter:

  1. Take a screenshot of your TpT receipt that was emailed to you after you purchased. (Remember that it must include products from Shelley Gray, and those are the only ones that will be used to calculate the gift card amount).
  2. Send me a message on my FB page HERE with the screenshot OR email the receipt to

Entries will only be accepted until midnight and one winner will be chosen tomorrow morning (Friday, August 3)! Good luck!!

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