Story vines are one of my all-time favorite ways for students to respond to literature. In my classroom, students do a book project each month as a home-project (this was all my amazing teaching partner’s idea, so I really cannot take any credit!) The book projects are a way for parents and children to work together, and they result in some wonderful artwork that the kids are always very proud of.

Here are some examples of story vines that my students have done over the years!
This one is amazing. This student excelled in pretty much everything, including art, and she did a FABULOUS story vine! On one side of each leaf is a picture, and on the other side is a description of what happened throughout the story. The criteria of a story vine is that all events must be in chronological order.


Here are some more samples. I love how each student put his/her own personal spin onto the vines…


Story vines are one way that differentiation to different learning styles and abilities automatically takes place and are always a hit!