Do you make it a goal year after year to focus on fact fluency in your classroom, but let it get pushed to the wayside by the rest of your curriculum? I hear from teachers all the time who have the absolute best of intentions. Maybe you can relate to some of these statements:

“I know the strategies that I should be teaching, but I don’t have a strategic plan for teaching them.”

“I can’t seem to find the time to focus on fact fluency when there are so many other areas of the curriculum to teach.”

“Fact fluency seems to be getting more and more difficult to teach. When they come to me from the previous grade, students are not performing basic operations the way they should be.”

“I feel like I’m ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ with math facts. I wish I had a better plan.”


Well, there’s good news. You’re not alone.

This is an area that many teachers struggle with, especially with the huge focus now on strategy over memorization.

This is why I have created a 30-Day Math Fact Challenge.

Throughout this challenge we will be working as a group to come up with a plan for daily integration that will suit your classroom perfectly.

This is not an exact plan that will be handed to you. Rather, this is a chance to collaborate with like-minded teachers to figure out an approach that works FOR YOU. (And of course, there will be free resources! 🙂 )


The 30-Day Math Fact Challenge will begin on Monday, September 10. Sign up below to register.

Join the 30-Day Math Fact Challenge.

Let’s tackle math fact fluency! Together, we’ll come up with a plan for incorporating math fact reinforcement into your classroom all year long!

Can’t wait to connect with you!